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Well, the time has finally come. The off-season yet again has dragged like an asthmatic slug crawling up Parbold Hill in a force 9 gale but at last Super League gets underway this week and the mighty Warriors travel to Salford for the opening round. Joining me for pre-match revels will be backsliding toastmaster Cliff Culley, kinky bandleader Nigel "sidecar" Fitch, a tepid plate of sago, balding trapeze artist "Bendy" Wendy Worplesden, snot-faced lighthouse keeper Ogden Crackbasket, Tiverton's "Miss Damp Sponge" 1977 Kathleen Kerfuffle, Orpington's hottest indie band Bumfluff A Go-Go will be performing their latest single "In my raddled pouch", Balinese tinsel salesman Ukpong Doodat, Denbigh's most prolific sperm donor Ifor Bainbridge, hon sec of the Witherslack WI Hermione Tudge will be showing us ladies how to varnish a wild toadstool. At half-time several members of the Maltese Trouserpress Collective will be giving a presentation entitled "ikkulurit fwar hu -il futur" which roughly translated means "coloured steam is the future".

The vicar will be conducting pre-match canticles whilst Mrs. Vicar reads St. Paul's letter to the obstetricians.

I would also like to send my love to the family of Pessy Pie who passed away recently. You'll never be forgotten Kath.

Tune in from 6.30pm on 102.4 Wish FM to join me and my mystery guest. If you're going to the game make sure you download the app and take your headphones.

Let us all salute the jugged hare!

Peace bredrin'